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Welcome to the New Hampshire Rivers Council forum

The New Hampshire Rivers Council is the only statewide conservation organization dedicated to the protection and conservation of New Hampshire river resources. Please visit NHRivers.org for the Council’s full website. This is a forum to share newsletter articles and timely topics.


The New Hampshire Rivers Council is committed to the conservation and ecologically sound management of New Hampshire’s rivers, watersheds, and related natural resources.

Since its incorporation as a non-profit organization in 1993, the New Hampshire Rivers Council has worked to educate the public about the value of the state’s rivers, designate rivers in the state’s protection program, and advocate for strong public policies and wise management of New Hampshire river resources.

The Rivers Council grew out of the New Hampshire Rivers Campaign, a group of concerned citizens and conservation organizations that united in 1985 to create a voice for protection of New Hampshire rivers. The Campaign helped establish the state’s Rivers Management and Protection Program in 1989. The Campaign also helped shepherd river nominations into the new state protection program and helped establish river corridor protections under the state’s Comprehensive Shoreland Protection Act. In 1992, the participants in the campaign recognized the need for a permanent, ongoing voice for river protection in the state, and formed the New Hampshire Rivers Council.